Hiii! I’m Roberta, a woman in her early thirties who has learned a lot through the college of life. My passions include animals, cooking, housekeeping and, perhaps surprisingly, technology!

My life began in Nashville, Tennesee, but I’ve lived all over the USA and can’t really call one place home for too long. Right now, though, it’s Denver, Colorado. I grew up in a household that loved to get their hands on the latest technology trends, as well as help foster various different animals. We had dogs, cats, horses and even pigs come through our old house, going on to beautiful homes after being given that chance to become more used to us. Having access to the internet helped us learn on the fly, and it also fostered a great curiosity in me.

I went to college for Computer Science, and graduated with honors. After that, I went out and worked in a number of repair shops, as well as acting as a server admin in a freelancing capacity for a few different small businesses. I’ve since moved to that freelancing as a fulltime job, giving me more time to write and enjoy life in between work obligations.

As of now, I don’t own any pets, but my childhood baby was a sweet cat named Lunar. She’s the icon of this site, and though she passed many years ago the softness and gentility she showed still impacts me to this day. Whenever I was low, she would come to my side and keep me company.

It seems strange, but I wanted to honor her as I moved into making this blog, into trying to share what I’ve learned through life. I have a degree, but at the same time I have had many of my most important lessons outside of educational places. It is important to share what we know. It’s always helped me before, and this is me paying back the favor from the years gone by.