When expecting parents invite friends and loved ones to celebrate their new bundle of joy just before the baby arrives, they don’t expect to get anything in return. But baby showers are a lot more than just an excuse to get together and socialize, and there’s a reason they’re called showers: they celebrate the new arrival, and the parents-to-be are often showered with gifts and money to help them through the first few months. While the sheer number of gifts can be overwhelming, the thoughtful ones are the ones parents remember and use throughout the child’s first year.

The baby shower is something that many expectant mothers look forward to during their pregnancy. Baby showers are a chance to celebrate the upcoming birth with gifts for the new mom and baby. Baby shower gifts are traditionally given after the baby shower, usually by the mother’s family and friends. Because baby shower gifts are considered ‘cash’ gifts, they are limited and should not go over a certain dollar amount. Let’s take a look now at why these gifts are so cherished.

They’re from the people you love

Nothing changes one’s world quite like a new baby. Baby shower gifts are a thoughtful way to express the love a friend or family member has for the mother, and the love they will have for the new arrival. When a new baby enters the world, friends and family often want to give gifts that help the new family celebrate, but that are also practical and helpful, and baby shower gifts fulfill this desire.

Your baby deserves to be celebrated

New parents are busy people. There is so much to do and so little time. The days, weeks, and months can pass by in a blink. Most new parents are so focused on their new baby that they don’t realize the time passing by. In that “time goes by so quickly” moment, they realize that their baby deserves everything it needs to grow and develop into a happy, healthy child, whether that’s something that will make their life a little easier, big or small, that also fits their personality and style. With this in mind, people choose to give a gift to the new baby at a baby shower that might help out with this.

It is fun to be together with your loved ones.

Holding a baby shower is a great way for expectant mothers to see as many of their loved ones as possible, which may not happen very much once the new baby is here. Therefore, this party becomes extra-special, although that’s not to say it can’t also be lots of fun! Attendees can play baby-themed games, enjoy delicious food, and even have little competitions amongst themselves about the baby, such as how much it is going to weigh, whether it is going to arrive on time, etc.

Shows support for the mother-to-be. 

Coming together for a baby shower, and giving gifts, is a very powerful way for friends and family members to show the new Mom that they are there for them, and will be there for them once the baby has been born. Motherhood is no mean feat and, whether this is a mother’s first child or they’re expanding their family further, they will need support once the baby has been born. Gifts given at a baby shower can help with all manner of things regarding new babies but also show a commitment to the new mother that can make those first few months a lot easier.

Baby showers can be fun for new parents to prepare themselves for their new arrival, and bond with a large group of their friends and family who are just as excited as they are for the baby to arrive. And a part of this is giving new Moms to be just some of the things they are going to need once they have given birth so that the family has a few fewer things to worry about. And any gift, big or small, will be appreciated, so be realistic with what you give and you will make an expectant mother very grateful that you are a part of their life.

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